• 28 – 30 August 2019
  • Marina Bay Sands Expo

28 - 30 August 2019, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore

This highly anticipated ‘First-In-Singapore’ competition is open to all catering and banquet operations professionals keen to take their sense of style to the next level. It takes more than just creativity to dress up a table. Competitors will need originality, be meticulous to deliver an impeccably set table. Besides the latest trends in tableware, accessories and textiles, this Challenge is also a platform for competitors to showcase their skills in the art of table dressing!


Lens Gwee (Chief Judge)

Executive Vice President

Food & Beverage Management Association (SG)

Freddy Ong

Business & Commercial Development Director

First Gourmet Pte Ltd

Dennis Ng

Director, Food and Beverage

One Farrer Hotel

Justin Aow

Director of Food & Beverage

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Kat Tan


D Editors Pte Ltd


Each team must select and submit their preferred theme / concept from the following:

  1. The Green Age – Recyclable, Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly
  2. The Ocean
  3. The Garden
  4. The Future
  5.  The Festive Season – Celebrations
  • Team must submit copy / copies (A3 size) of their actual design of the theme / concept they have selected to the Chef de Mission before the briefing.
  • Team must submit a write up of their selected theme / concept and to brief the panel of Technical Judges on their theme / concept.



Each team made up of 2 service personnel from the Catering / Banquet Operations to showcase the following skills:

  • Team must bring all their props, materials, linen / table cloth, display stands etc for their tabletop centrepiece
  • Team must display excellent skill, creativity and innovation
  • Tabletop centrepiece display must be all dimensional i.e able to be viewed from all angles
  • The highest point of tabletop centrepiece must be at least 48 inches tall from the round tabletop
  • Team must display excellent organisational skill
  • No oversupply of material – no wastage
  • Overall theme / concept for tabletop centrepiece must be in line with what the team submitted. Team must be able to explain clearly the concept
  • High standard in personal grooming and presentation
  • Excellent team work and coordination from set up to final / finished product / display
  • Good safety, hygiene and cleanliness practice
  • Working station setup - neatness, cleanliness, orderliness, practical, systematic and smooth workflow

The following will be provided for each team:

  • 6 feet roundtable
  • 1 power point x 13 amps
  • 2 x oblong tables (6 ft x 3 ft each). These will be removed after the setup is done

Team must complete / finish their tabletop centrepiece within 60 minutes.

1 x 6 feet roundtable will be provided to each team and teams will not be allowed to bring their own table

  • Teams will report for Chef De Mission Briefing at 8:00 am sharp
  • Teams to bring in their props, materials, display stands etc from 8:00 am to be placed at their assigned competition site – no actual setup permitted until instruction from the Chef de Mission is given to start
  • Teams must declare any special equipment / props etc brought to the Chef De Mission attention at the morning briefing
  • Teams will ballot for their team number / tag and will be advised of their serving schedule
  • Teams to inform Technical Panel of Judges of their theme / concept for their tabletop centrepiece
  • Uniforms form part of the setup and will be judged.
  • Teams  are  advised  to  observe  strict  hygiene, cleanliness, safety as  well as personal grooming standards


Only catering and banquet operations professionals are eligible for this Challenge. Closing date: 31 July 2019.


Please contact Mr. Raja Mohanraj, mohanraj.raja@reedexpo.com.sg

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